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Do I Need A Local Canadian Fax Number?

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Online fax has become extremely popular with both individuals and companies around the world, Canada or Canadians are no different. Many Canadians have switched over to this new, more modern way of faxing which uses one’s email account and the Internet to do all your faxing. However, one question often arises when using Canadian online fax providers: Do I need a local fax number? Actually, most providers will offer their potential customers the choice of using a local fax number or a Toll-Free fax number with their account. These providers set up local services/numbers which their customers can use.

With some providers you can even “port” your current fax number over to their services, although there is usually a small fee for this change over. So Canadian customers do have a choice of going with a local number in their city or place of residence and of course, there is nothing stopping them from also having an 800 fax number, especially if their business base is country-wide or even global in nature. In these days of the Internet, many local businesses are global by default. The second question will probably be – are there any local Canadian fax providers? Yes! One of the major players in this industry is MyFax, which is located in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada.

MyFax is run by j2 Global, the biggest name or company in this field. And MyFax has gained a solid reputation for providing very good services over the years. Any Canadian citizen or company can use it to get a local or Toll-Free fax number. Why should I use an online fax provider – Canadian or otherwise? Online fax has become popular because of the many benefits and conveniences it offers to its users. Internet or email fax is totally portable, extremely easy to use, very secure and much more cheaper than traditional faxing.

There’s no need for any messy inks and papers, there’s no need for a dedicated fax phone line and your fax service is open around the clock, 365 days of the year. Plus, no more missed calls/faxes because of busy signals or paper jams. In addition, online fax offers very flexible corporate plans which can be custom designed to fit your company’s requirements. These plans can be easily scaled up or down depending on your own business needs or the economic climate. These days businesses are looking for ways to cut operating expenses and online fax is a perfect match to save money, especially over the long term. Remember, any online fax service, Canadian or otherwise, will offer a computerized way to send and receive your faxes.

One that is available anywhere and at anytime, as long as you’re connected to the web. This means your faxes can be retrieved and viewed regardless of where you’re located, you’re no longer tied down to the office or office hours. All of these points makes a valid argument for using a Canadian online fax service, regardless of whether you go with a local or a Toll-Free number. This new modern way of faxing makes great business sense, no matter where you’re located in the world. Are you or your company using it?

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