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Benzoyl Peroxide – A Treatment for Acne

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When looking at the superior systems for treating acne you will notice that a great number of products feature Benzoyl peroxide It is cheap as well as being extremely effective in helping remove acne. Apart from being an active ingredient in acne treatments, it can be purchased on its own mostly in the form of a gel or cream. As it is extremely effective in eliminating acne it can sometimes be very aggressive on the skin and might in some cases inflame your skin. How can it deal with my acne? Whenever our pores get clogged Propionibacteria develops and we then experience the beginning of acne on the skin.

Pores are obstructed once they get clogged with sebum and this usually happens when hormones are not acting as they ought to. Benzoyl peroxide helps to remove harmful bacteria which can grow inside your pores and thus stopping acne from breeding. You should use Benzoyl peroxide even when your acne has improved. If you see some results with Benzoyl peroxide feel free to use it, but not as much as before. How to benefit from Benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is one of if not the most beneficial acne remedies for light to moderate acne. You do not need a prescription for Benzoyl peroxide, however it can only be found in chemists. If you find that it irritates your skin a lot then you should look at a reduced concentration and then progress up as your skin becomes accustomed to it. If you find that it does work for you, you’ll be able to at this stage begin to use it less or even look for a less severe solution.

You’ll have to deal with a bit of irritation though to start with as it is a powerful product and can leave your skin looking red. Use benzoyl peroxide once in the morning and again just before you go to sleep at night, you must also be aware that it will bleach your clothing so you really should put on a white vest underneath your clothing. Side Effects Benzoyl peroxide has become a crucial item when trying to address acne. An excellent acne treatment, yet it can dry out your skin enough were it will be really irritating. The side affects you will get should be minimal and if you find that your skin is taking a severe reaction to it, then you need to leave it for a few days and try out a decreased concentration.

Do not carry on with it when it’s causing you problems as the inflammation may actually trigger far more acne on your skin. One of the problems with applying Benzoyl peroxide over a long time is that it can in rare cases result in cancer of the skin. It’s a very powerful treatment method and you need to utilise it with care. Once it’s healed the acne from your skin you should then use it a little as you can. One other thing to note is that there has never really been any studies done on pregnant women using it and as such if you are expecting you must avoid it.

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