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Easy Weight Loss Without Dieting Using the Gabriel Method

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Weight loss needs to be something sustainable. It is not something that only the “chosen few” should be able to do successfully. Why should getting yourself back to your ideal weight have to be difficult? A lot of people are getting rich at the expense of overweight people only to leave them worse off than they started and completely demoralized and frustrated. Besides being one of the most affordable books on the market, The Gabriel Method does away with the dysfunctional belief that you need to go on a diet to lose weight.

As a matter of fact, when you understand how your body really works, you will actually discover that diets are a great way to gain excess pounds, rather than lose them. At the heart of Jon Gabriel’s method is the many hours of biochemistry research that he has done to explain exactly why some people just seem to gain weight uncontrollably, while others do not gain a pound and eat like horses. According to Jon Gabriel, the body has its own internal logic and responds to certain stimuli, depending on how it manages stress. Your body can condemn you to being morbidly obese or make you the thinnest person on earth. Jon Gabriel was a 400 pound “morbidly” obese man who got rid of all his excess weight in just over 2 years without dieting or surgery. As a matter of fact, specialists cannot find any traces on his body of his having been so obese and losing it all so quickly.

The Gabriel Method is an account of his discoveries and proven theories about how to lose weight easily and effortlessly. The Gabriel Method teaches us that your “primitive brain” controls your FAT Switch. According to the author, FAT actually stands for Famine And Temperature. Your body understands things in a very simplistic way, so if for some reason your body thinks that you are starving or enduring harsh climate, it will activate the FAT programs which make it a fat storage machine. It will become very inefficient at burning fat and cause you to be lethargic, sedentary and crave food all the time, because it thinks that this way it will ensure your survival. All the stresses of modern day life are very chaotic for a body that was designed to survive in a natural environment.

Eating the wrong foods causes stress also, because so much of our diet consists of fast food and junk food. Processed foods are stripped of their vitamins and essential fatty acids, leaving only dead calories. Fat cells surround toxins to protect them from harming you and are waiting for the day that they can be released but the body is so overwhelmed and overworked trying to get nutrition out of non nutritious food that that day never arrives and the result is more and more fat being produced.

The Gabriel Method teaches you all the possible reasons why your FAT programs may be on and simple, easy to follow steps to change it and transform your body from the inside out. Its just a matter of changing one habit at a time, but never dieting. Just by adding nutrients your body is “starving for” will make your cravings for junk food die down. You learn how to work with your body to obtain the best results.

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