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Treating Acne With Natural Methods

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Acne is one of the most common problems faced by individuals throughout the world. Even though there are so many expensive over the counter medicines available for treatment of the acne, not all of them are safe to use and are effective. It is better that you adopt natural methods for curing acne as they are more effective and have almost no side effects. Moreover, natural treatments for acne are not expensive at all.

Natural treatments for acne are not expensive at all. The following are some of the best natural methods for treating acne. – You should take more fresh fruits in your diet. This will help you to have sufficient zinc, vitamin and chromium supplements in your diet. – Some people also use the toothpaste acne remedy. In this, the toothpaste is mixed with several other ingredients forming mixtures. You should add salt to the toothpaste and apply to the pimples and leave them overnight. The face should then be washed in the morning and within some days you will have clear skin. – The use of garlic is another great natural way to treat acne.

You can get fresh garlic and cut in into few pieces and then use part of it to rub on your face few times a day. Try doing it for at least a week, not only you will get rid of the pimples but also it will give you a healthy skin. – You need to drink at least 10 glasses of water every day. This helps to flush out the toxins that are generated in the pimples. As water is a natural cleanser, you can drink it as much as possible. – You can also try some raw apple cider vinegar. For this method, you need to have natural, raw, unprocessed vinegar.

You need to soak cotton balls in the mixture and apply it gently over your face at least a couple of times a day. – Tea tree oil is a great essential oil that can get you rid of this skin menace. Tea tree oil is rich in terpinen-4-ol which is a superb antimicrobial agent. However, you should not get it in undiluted tea tree oil as it may cause burning and dryness.|You should not get it in undiluted tea tree oil as it may cause burning and dryness.} Thus, always take it in a diluted form. The methods mentioned above are tried and tested methods for curing acne. Its better that you check and treat this problem in its initial stages, else it may become worse with time. If the problem still persists, you should check with the doctor for other methods of treatment.

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