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Audacity Audio Editor

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Want to record streaming audio for your website but have no idea where to start? The audacity audio editor might be just what you need. What can Audacity do? – Record Audio: All you need is a computer microphone and you can create your own recordings with this program. You can use the records from this program to create information products, to add to your website, to educate your market and more. – Edit Audio: If you have pre-recorded audios that you’d just like to load up and edit Audacity can do that for you too. – Convert Audios to mp3 format: If you like to host conference calls you may get some of your calls recorded in a.wav format.

This is not the most compatible format to use for many computers and so it’s likely you’ll want to convert that to an mp3. This program can do that for you. How to Get This Program: Audacity is available as a free download. Just Google it and you’ll find the page. Installing the program is fairly straightforward. There is a little extra step you do need to take however if you want to make sure your audios are in the most common and compatible format of mp3. You’ll need to download a ‘lame’ file and then when you go to convert your audio to mp3 you’ll need to locate that file in order to use the feature. Who Is It For? As I mentioned earlier recording your own audio would be a great way to create your information product. Just record yourself sharing the information you have about your chosen topic using this program and you’ll be on your way to creating a useful product.

The audio recording could also be used for many other things like adding useful information to your website, creating a podcast, posting your articles to audio version, recording a book to audio and more. The program itself is for anyone who is fairly computer literate. It’s not a difficult program to learn. You could be up and running recording your new audio within minutes of installation. What Are The Disadvantages? Audacity is a great program for recording audio. The problem then becomes how do you share that audio with others on your website.

It is quite possible for you to upload the audio you created to your website hosting and allow people to download it from there. The thing is if you have any number of audios you may end up taking a lot of your hosting space for audios. A solution to this issue is to use a program like Audio Acrobat to host and stream your audios. Streaming means that the audio will play online without having the visitors to download first and then play. Overall Audacity is a great program to use. When used in combination with other powerful programs like Audio Acrobat you have a complete solutions to recording, hosting and streaming your audios on the internet.

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