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Advantages of HP DAT 160 Backup Technology

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The first most important question for any small or medium sized business is what sort of technology they will be using for backing up their data? In some instances, this can be a very tricky question to answer but seeing today’s progress of tape drives, this question is fairly easy to answer now. It is common knowledge that tape drives are ideal tools for backing up data but it is equally important to determine which sort of tape technology is required for the business.

This is particularly important since there are different types in the market. One of the most reliable options in the market is that of DAT (Digital Audio Tape) technology. Over the years the popularity of this backup tape has increased significantly therefore it remains a very attractive choice for businesses to this date. Since 1989, when the DAT technology was first established, it has continued to form a stable market for the smaller businesses and focuses on providing them for their average data storage needs. Hewlett Packard continues to be the brand leader of providing the most reliable and efficient DAT tape drives and the HP DAT 160 tape provides the best and the easiest solutions towards data backups for smaller businesses.

The solution comes with an inbuilt store media kit that accommodates compatibility of the tape with all HP tools. This software allows fast access to the device and ensures smooth running during backup procedures. As business processes can be halted in an event of data loss, it is important to restore data as soon as possible. This is made easier with HP’s One Button Disaster Recovery (OBDR) solution which is compatible with the DAT 160 tapes. With the insertion of the latest backup copy and a single push button, all your system can be restored to its original form within minutes. Security features are a must have for all backup devices.

This is because when the data is stored on the backup devices, it still needs protection from unauthorized access and rendering from different sources in the organization. The HP DAT 160 tape has been built with the WORM (Write Once Read Many) feature which enables data to stay protected. Once data has been copied to the device, there is no tampering and data cannot be changed it can only be read off. HP DAT 160 tape provides reliability and HP supports warranty for up to 30 years of archival life of the tape. It has also been declared capable of full 100 backups.

The tape offers a data storage capacity of 160 GB with a compression ratio of 2:1 (native capacity of 80 GB) and it transfers data at a speed of 49.3 GB/hour with the same compression ratio of 2:1. Moreover, the tape has also been made user friendly with the universal plug and play capability offered by the native 2. USB interface. For all these reasons and many more this DAT tape Hewlett-Packard is most certainly one of the best products being offered in the market.

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