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Fetching Biometric Information Please Wait Problem Solution Of Chrome In Ayushman Bharat Yojna

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Dear friends,

As you know that many csc vles are facing this problem “Fetching Biometric Information  Please Wait”. After watching many youtube videos and tweaking some settings I am able to fix this problem.

Here is step by step guide to solve this problem.

  1. Uninstall previous Morpho Rd Service.
  2. Delete Morpho related two folders from drive C:. 1 MORPHORDLOG and 2 MorphoRdServiceL0Soft.
  3. Delete
  4. Update your google chrome to latest version.
  5. Open chrome browser and type chrome chrome://flags/. Then type in search bar “Override software rendering list”. Locate and enable it. Search again for “Allow invalid certificates for resources loaded from localhost.” And enable it. Click relaunch button to restart chrome.GoogleChromeFlagsSetting
  6. Download the latest RD service software and extract it.
  7. Right click on “MorphoRdServiceL0SoftSetup” and then click run as administrator. Complete the installation. Insert Morpho in usb port.MorphoRDService
  8. Download the troubleshooter file and extract it. Click Here to download. (Note this is the latest fix of Morpho RD service in PMJAY but it is not free. It is a password protected file and to get the password  you have to pay me Rs 400. My Bank details are Bank= State Bank Of India, Ac Holder= Sheshnath Chauhan, AcN=34779258113, IFSC Code=SBIN0000148. After making payment whatsapp me 8004364434.)
  9. Select all file from the extracted file folder .Troubleshooter
  10. Copy and paste replace in “C:\MorphoRdServiceL0Soft” folder. Double click on “server” file and install the certificate.MorphoInstallationFolder ServerCertificate
  11. Type services in the search bar of windows.
  12. Find the “MORPHO RD Service” and “MorphoSmart USB Service” check are these set to automatic, if right click and select properties and select automatic. Click apply and ok. Then restart  Services
  13. If needed restart the computer and start using morpho with chrome.

If you are unable to do this setting and want to hire me to do this. Please pay Rs 400 and WhatsApp me payment detail. My Google pay and WhatsApp Number is 8004364434. Any desk ID is required.



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