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Lenspen NLP-1 Cleaning Brush (Black)


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(as of 02/07/2020 at 08:11 UTC)


The Lenspen NLP-1 Cleaning Brush is a user friendly option to clear the dust, grime, watermarks or finger prints from your optic lenses such as camera lenses, telescope lenses, binocular lenses etc without blemishing them with scratches. With this optical lens cleaning brush, you don’t require any solution to do the cleaning as its retractable brush and ultra soft natural bristles would do the trick. It boasts of a new and improved patented carbon cleaning compound which ensures more cleaning and less spillage.

This lens cleaning brush features an ergonomic body with a twist cap activator that makes sure that the lenses are cleaned effectively. Thanks to its non fluid cleaning element you can instantly get a pristine lens without waiting for it to dry. Since this cleaner is a compact, environment friendly and non toxic device, you can easily carry it wherever you go and employ it to make your lenses cleaner than ever. The Lenspen NLP-1 Cleaning Brush is an ideal device for people who deal with lenses every day.


  • New and improved patented carbon cleaning compound, more cleaning, no fluids required
  • New twist cap activator, retractable ultra soft natural brush
  • Environment friendly and non-toxic
  • Ergonomic body
  • Nothing spills, drips or dries out
  • Includes: Lenspen New Lenspen Original NLP1
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