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S_DIYKITS Salcon Electronics 2.1 Audio Amplifier Board Kit 100 Watt with Bass, Treble, Vol and Connector


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Three 2030A Transistor based Stereo Amplifier board, High Power up to 100 Watt output( depends on Input supply power, min requirement is 2 amp. Recommended 3 Amp. The best part about the kit is that it is made of individual components, which means if any thing goes wrong it can be easily serviced and components can be replaced. Simply need to add a Transformer and it will work. 3 x 2030A Transister is a 2.1 channel audio power amplifier with inbuilt in dual channels enables it for stereo and bridge amplifier applications.Input Supply : 12 v – 16 v. 3 Amp (12-0-12 ). 5 volt out cab be obtain from 7805 IC in case if wants to connect FM, USB Panel kit.


  • Input Supply : 12 v – 16 v. 3 Amp , 12-0-12 Dual
  • This board have connection for Bass, Treble both
  • Input sound : two channel stereo Output sound : 2.1 channel
  • As per datasheet 3 x 2030A in bridge mode provide 14*3= 42 watt = 504 watt pmpo
  • Packaging Including: 1 x Audio Board, Connectors
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